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The Attitude of Nepalese Nursing Students toward Online Learning

Published onJun 15, 2023
The Attitude of Nepalese Nursing Students toward Online Learning

Introduction: In the modern world where people are looking for convenient learning without any time and geographical limitation to accommodate their needs for improvements and to utilize their time in the greatest manner. Likewise in present situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic, online learning is an option to continue teaching-learning activities. Many nursing colleges have started running online classes. This study aims to assess the attitude of Nepalese nursing students toward online learning as learners’ attitude is one of the critical factor to meet learning objective. 

Methodology: A quantitative web-based cross-sectional study was conducted among 423 Nepalese Nursing students. Data collection was done online through a structured, self-constructed, pre-tested questionnaire consisting of socio- demographic and academic question and 5 point likert scale to assess the attitude of the students. Data were analyzed in SPSS 16 using descriptive and inferential statistics. 

Result: The study shows that the mean age of the students was 22.22 years. One-third of the students were from Kathmandu University affiliated college and half of them were studying B.Sc. Nursing. 69% of them owned both mobile and laptop whereas 1/3rd of them had weak Wi-Fi connections. Out of total 423 students 52% had favorable attitude toward online learning which was significantly associated with age (2=8.37, p-value-0.039), university affiliation (2=5.23, p-value-0.022), course of study (2=14.03, p-value-0.001), and strength of internet connection (2=25.97, p-value-<0.001). 

Conclusion: Only half of the students are having a favorable attitude toward online learning, which is not sufficient for effective results. It is recommended that training should be provided to teachers to run online classes effectively and the university or educational institution should conduct online seminars and workshops to boost students’ skill   regarding online learning. Lastly, the government should emphasize and work for making the internet accessible for everyone, everywhere.  

Key Words: Nursing, Attitude, online learning, Students and Nepalese 

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