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Key take-home messages

Published onApr 25, 2024
Key take-home messages

• The “evidence ecosystem for impact” framework provides a roadmap for EIDM.

• The “evidence ecosystem for impact” framework includes the two interlinked domains of evidence creation and evidence application.

• The evidence creation domain – represented by the evidence funnel – consists of three phases: (i) evidence inquiry (primary research), which feeds into (ii) evidence synthesis (secondary research) and culminates in the creation of (iii) evidence products (tertiary research), which are more user-friendly and help to translate the research into action.

• The evidence application domain – represented by the policy/action cycle – encompasses three main phases: (i) understand the problem; (ii) design the solution; and (iii) achieve impact.

• To ensure the greatest impact, cross-cutting activities are required in capacity-building at different levels, and continuous communication.

• The principles that are implicit to the work of WHO in improving EIDM include the use of systematic and transparent processes, continuous improvement processes, needs-based approaches, inclusiveness, integration and equity.

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