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Presence of the Scientific Advisory Committee contributes to enhance the academic development of the Hospital

Published onJun 13, 2023
Presence of the Scientific Advisory Committee contributes to enhance the academic development of the Hospital

The Scientific Advisory Committee was created at the British Hospital in 2016, with the aim of providing academic and educational tools to improve the quality and quantity of research work for all health professionals in the institution. The Committee develops annual training courses in the development of research protocols, covering local ethical standards, the development of strategies for conducting literature searches, basic notions of statistics and methodological aspects. The course is supplemented with the development of workshops to deepen practical activities. All the residents of the Hospital take these transversal contents during their academic training. 

The accompaniment of residents from clinical and surgical areas as well as some nursing, kinesiology and nutrition professionals has significantly increased the number of publications of the institution and has contributed to the development of multidisciplinary and multicenter work.  

In addition to the development of training courses, the Committee works individually advising the investigators of the different research projects. This approach to genuine research as a strategic tool that contributes to understanding the epidemiology itself, critical aspects in clinical or surgical management and sometimes the search for biomarkers that contribute to improve the ability to understand the evolution of certain diseases, has been the trigger for numerous doctoral thesis projects. More than 15 are currently in progress, involving nursing, nutrition, hematology, pneumonology, cardiology, traumatology and pharmacy.  

The institutional decision to support the development of a scientific advisory committee is key as a strategy to improve academic capacity that must be understood as a strategy whose results will be in the medium and long term but involve a tool that mainstreams a substantial improvement in quality. and personalized knowledge of the reality of patients.

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