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Published onJul 01, 2018


Göran Larsson

Authors from around the globe, each a specialist within their field have readily contributed to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of breastfeeding and human milk to encourage and empower interested parties to move breastfeeding higher up on the public health agenda.

There are many books available looking at “how to” breastfeed or focusing on a single topic within the field, others look at the biomedical aspects of milk, however none address a wide range of research disciplines to provide a truly multidisciplinary comprehensive overview: covering topics from physiology and psychology, culture, politics and economics to HIV and medications, NICU and human milk banking. The topics are varied, yet all relevant and important elements in the quest to increasing breastfeeding rates.

Multidisciplinary Introduction to Breastfeeding and Breast Milk – from Biochemistry to Impact is written for a wide and varied audience, ranging from nursing staff and lactation experts who have daily contact with mothers and babies, to health ministers who want to learn about how scaling up of breastfeeding can contribute to reducing their health care expenditure. It is also a key for doctors and researchers who have an interest in the topic yet are not fully aware of all the benefits that breastfed infants enjoy. Based on sound science but written in popular science style, ensuring an easy read, the book provides a comprehensive and solid foundation including sources and references. It also features a unique in-depth scientific glossary of lactation that provides definitions for a plethora of important terms of breastfeeding and human milk that are science based and reviewed by acknowledged experts in the field.

The book aims to provide a holistic overview, and is divided into four parts with individual introductions. As each chapter covers a topic in depth, it can be also be read independently. Furthermore, the book can be used as a Dip-In-and-Out book as each chapter provides a summary of the topics covered at the beginning as well as a list of key findings and messages at the end of the chapter. This allows the reader to quickly identify topics and peruse key findings to identify areas of specific interest and to read the book in a more targeted manner.

Overall this book provides a unique insight into a wide range of aspects of breastfeeding, human milk and lactation, empowering individuals with the knowledge to increase public interest and to work towards the goal of making breastfeeding the norm again.

Zug (Switzerland), in July 2018

Göran Larsson


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