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Service Quality and Patient Satisfaction Inpatient at Bhayangkara Hospital Bengkulu City

Published onJun 16, 2023
Service Quality and Patient Satisfaction Inpatient at Bhayangkara Hospital Bengkulu City

Patient satisfaction is a level of patient satisfaction  that arises as a result of the performance of health services obtained after the patient compares it with what he expects. Customer satisfaction is the target of efforts to improve service quality. The low satisfaction in the hospital has an impact on the number of visits. Patient satisfaction concerns the patient's physical, mental and social satisfaction. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between service quality and the level of patient satisfaction in the Tribrata Inpatient Room, Bhayangkara Hospital, Bengkulu City. 

Design of research used an Analytical Survey with a Cross Sectional approach. The population in this study were patients who were hospitalized in the Tribrata room at Bhayangkara Hospital, Bengkulu City in June-July 2021. The sample was taken using the Accidental Sampling technique as many as 53 respondents. The data collection technique used data primary and secondary. Data analysis used univariate and bivariate analysis with Chi-Square statistical test, to determine the closeness of the relationship used Contingency Coefficient statistical test. 

The results of the study were 28 patients (52.8%) who said that the quality of service was of good quality; were 27 patients (50.9%) who said they were satisfied; There is a significant relationship between service quality and patient satisfaction in the tribrata inpatient room at Bhayangkara Hospital, Bengkulu City. Quality health services can meet the needs felt by patients if carried out in a polite, timely, responsive and reliable manner in healing diseases. The element of service effectiveness perceived by the patient/consumer is the aspect of accessibility, interpersonal relationships, continuity and comfort, the administration of drugs according to the disease suffered is a very important quality dimension to be improved in the hospital. 

Based on the findings that to increase patient satisfaction, the hospital must improve in improving the quality of service, especially the assurance aspect in the form of increasing politeness and friendliness to patients.

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