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Community engagement in building public trust in research.

Published onJun 16, 2023
Community engagement in building public trust in research.


Community engagement is increasingly recognized as a critical element of a successful health research. Numerous studies, however, have found that community engagement plays an important role in reducing inequalities, improving social justice, increasing benefits, and sharing responsibilities for their health. Furthermore, the benefits of community engagement are frequently emphasized in instrumental terms, particularly in terms of promoting recruitment and retention in studies. Less emphasis has been placed on the importance of community engagement in terms of ethical good practice, with goals frequently implied rather than explicitly stated. Regardless, increasing public trust is critical to increasing people's participation in various health research. To foster trust among the public, researchers must create culturally competent mechanisms and transparent practices to encourage participation. 


 Citation - based techniques were used in the this process to by the researcher to analyze, examine and evaluate online publications on community engagement and trust building in health research in various web of science collections from researchers. Hundreds of scientific and journal articles were reviewed, and references were revisited for more detailed information. Furthermore, characteristics of various publications such as geography, content of the journal, and category, productive authors, and frequently cited articles were obtained. 


The findings of this study show an increase in community engagement, which provides an important insights on the development of public trust as an initial set measure that can be used across the field of health research to understand benefit, differences and similarities in conceptualization of trust among key stakeholder groups in a community , track changes in public trust in health research, identify both positive and negative aspects of trust, identify characteristics that maintain trust, and inform the direction for future research. 


 This study gives an overview of a global review of contemporary and cross-disciplinary research methods in the field of health, which might also present an opportunity to take stock and understand the benefits associated with community engagement and the building of public trust, both of which will be critical activities to inform policy.

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