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Policy, Ethics and drama-based Research in Psychiatric Hospitals in Kano

Published onJun 13, 2023
Policy, Ethics and drama-based Research in Psychiatric Hospitals in Kano

This paper examines how the Nigeria mental health policy and ethics affect the conduct of drama-based research in psychiatric hospitals in Kano. This research becomes apposite with the endemic nature of mental health cases like substance abuse and substance use disorder in the country. The 2019 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) survey reports that 14.3 million Nigerians suffer from substance use and abuse, and this figure constitutes a significant proportion of the World Health Organisation report that one in every four Nigerians (an average of 50 million) are challenged with a mental health condition. Using participant observation, questionnaire and key informant interview, the paper explores the knowledge of mental health practitioners about policies on mental health in Nigeria with a view to understanding how it affects their ethical practices and attitudes towards multidisciplinary research like dramatherapy with patients of substance use disorder. Findings from this research is significant for the realisation of best practices in engaging creative and artistic practices in providing care for people with mental health crisis like substance use disorder. 

Keywords: Policy, Ethics, Drama, Mental Health, Substance, Disorder 

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