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Implementation of Data Platforms in the context of Open Science: the experience of Fiocruz

Published onJun 16, 2023
Implementation of Data Platforms in the context of Open Science: the experience of Fiocruz

Open Science has been the conceptual base of the construction of data initiatives at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz). The implementation of actions of management, sharing and opening of research data in public health institutions involves political, tactical, and operational strategies, based on contextual analyses and concerns with the sustainability of institutional practices. One of the bases for the development of data platforms involves data repository software. Since 2019, Fiocruz studies and implements work processes for the research data repository known as Arca Data. Following the definition of the test software, the pilot project for the implementation of the repository was divided in two phases. Phase 1 had the objective of knowing and assessing the main functionalities of the Dataverse software, verifying the tool’s security aspects and the possibilities of integration with other software. The outcomes of the first phase of tests was registered in a final report. In the second phase, interviews and tests were conducted with four researchers in different areas of health research. Besides the assessment of the repository’s software usability, with the team’s support and follow-up, there was the performance of tests with software developed by Fiocruz for the elaboration of Data Management Plans (DMP), with a methodology of identification of data types for the definition of digital storage and preservation and, finally, a survey on juridical and ethical barriers for data sharing, with the creation of a checklist to give support to data curators. The conclusion was that the software has adherence to the main institutional guidelines of Fiocruz’s “Policy on management, sharing and opening of research data” and its use can be extended to the entire research community. The implementation of a data repository can facilitate discoveries and connections, as one of the bases for actions in research data science at Fiocruz. It is considered that Arca Data will facilitate data storage, sharing, publication, citation, and analysis in a setting managed by the institution, serving as a crucial element for the development of a data platform adherent to the objectives and needs of different actors of the ecosystem of research and citizens.

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