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Dystonia And Related Health Conditions

Published onJun 16, 2023
Dystonia And Related Health Conditions

People with dystonia are faced with depression, anxiety, humiliation and embarrassment because their condition affects parts required to perform simple tasks like writing, walking, swallowing and seeing. They find some of their limbs involuntarily twisting or forming abnormal posture. 

Other neurological conditions related to dystonia are worse. As the affected try to control their situation they become valnurable to abusing drugs and seeking help from traditional healers. 

Botox which is used to manage dystonia is very expensive. User has to use it every 4 months for life. Cost implications can be managed through networking so that the drug could be shared. Anti-Dystonia Local Organisation was formed to facilitate this networking and to deal with other dystonia issues. 

There are many types of dystonia which include neck(cervical dystonia), hand jaw or tongue (oromandibular dystonia), eyelid ,voice box and vocal cords ( spamodic dystonia). There are other neurological conditions related to dystonia which include parkinson's disease, stroke, autism, cerebral palsy spinal injury just to mention a few. 

There is need for creating awarenesses about this disorders,proper networking, collecting proper data for each case,to mitigate stigmatisation arising from the conditions. Through the awarenesses creation this cases will be reported early for early intervention. Through networking cost implications will be managed along with other benefits. Through proper data collection we shall know who suffers from what and what they need. 

There is no known cure for this disorders. Facilitation for search for cure is important. Managing the conditions through therapies, medication, assistive devices, surgery, educating the society, emergency response, providing health specialists, having specialized care units will be a great move towards helping the affected. 

Anti-Dystonia Local Organisation partnering with Global Health Network will help achieve this gaols.

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