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Voluntary blood donation promotion in Haute Matsiatra region of Madagascar

Published onJun 16, 2023
Voluntary blood donation promotion in Haute Matsiatra region of Madagascar

Aims:  Access to sufficient, secure supplies of blood and safe transfusion services is an essential part of any strong health system. The Haute Matsiatra region has a need for blood and blood products that exceeds current availability (only 7% of needs are met). The aim of this study was to assess community knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding voluntary blood donation in order to identify the obstacles. Methods: We have conducted a community-based cross-sectional study from 26th to 31th July 2019 within a sample of 300 subjects using a structured questionnaire and face-to-face interview. Data were analyzed using R software version 4.0.2. Results: All participants were unanimous about vital role of blood so that 62.3% were willing to donate blood but only 13% have ever donated blood. The majority of respondents (60.0%) had never heard sensitization about blood donation. The reason for non-donation were related to fears of needlestick injuries during the blood collect (38.3%), fear of bloodborn diseases (17%), the lack of sensitization (6%). There was a positive significant relationship between level of education and willingness to donate blood (p-value <0, 05).  

The likelihood of blood donation was higher among male participant 28 (71.8%) p<0.05, and among >45 years group (21.4 %) p= 0.03. Among those who ever donated blood, only 37 (26.6%) of them have received sensitization about donation. Conclusion: There is growing interest in blood donation among the population. Activities to promote blood volunteer donation should take into account the demotivating reasons for blood donation. 

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