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Involvement of Nursing officers for Scientific Research in Sri Lanka

Published onJun 16, 2023
Involvement of Nursing officers for Scientific Research in Sri Lanka

Introduction: Research is essential to explore new knowledge and generate evidence to be used in clinical practice. Further, it is necessary to create new knowledge and evidence from each health care discipline to provide comprehensive health care. 

Purpose: This study investigated the involvement of nursing officers in scientific research in Sri Lanka. 

Methods: This was a cross-sectional descriptive study. An interviewer-administered questionnaire was used to collect the data. A consecutive sample was used for this study. 

Results: The response rate was 100 % (n=160). Participants were experienced groups between: 1-5 years (n = 110, 68.75%); 6-10 years (n = 10, 6.25%); 11-15 years (n = 10, 6.25%); 16 – 20 years (n-10, 6.25%) and  21-25 years (n=20, 12.5%). One hundred and fifty (93.75%) of the respondents were female. 50% of the respondents were higher national diploma holders, while others had a bachelor of nursing degrees. Most (n=120, 75%) had not engaged in any research study in the past year. The barriers associated with participants who were not involved in the research were lack of time (n=60), unavailability of funds (n=20),  contribution to research that is not officially considered as a professional development measure (n=20), and lack of interest (n=20). One hundred and thirty (81.25%) participants had previously learned the research methodology. Also, 81.25% of participants believed that involvement in research is important. One hundred and twenty (75%) participants were interested in further education in research methodology and to involve in research studies if an opportunity is provided. 

Conclusion: The result shows the low level of participation of nursing officers in research activities in Sri Lanka. Also, the majority of the nurses working in clinical settings are interested in involvement in research.

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