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Key take-home messages

Published onApr 25, 2024
Key take-home messages

• The best source of research evidence depends on the question that needs answering.

• For EIDM, the best available research evidence should always be sought and used.

• When searching for research evidence to answer questions along the policy/action cycle, both efficiency in searching and the quality of the evidence found need to be considered.

• A variety of vetted tools are available to support the process of EIDM, and these can be linked to the steps of the policy/action cycle and to the different evidence products being produced by WHO and Member countries .

• Collaboration between the different workstreams of WHO and Member countries is expected to improve EIDM and population health outcomes by making better use of limited resources and available expertise and capacity.

• Collaboration between workstreams can help to improve existing methods and processes, and to fill gaps in methods and tools.

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