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The Effort of Indonesian National Infectious Disease Hospital for Health Promotion in Prevention of COVID-19

Published onJun 15, 2023
The Effort of Indonesian National Infectious Disease Hospital for Health Promotion in Prevention of COVID-19

Background: Since 2020 Indonesia is experiencing an increasing on Covid-19 cases with many fatalities. This causes various kinds of public reactions and causes public panic in various aspects of life, one of which is the rapid spread of misinformation and no less dangerous than the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Ministry of Communication and Informatics, as of November 2021, almost 5,178 hoax news about Covid-19 had spread across various social media. The spread of hoaxes about Covid-19 that continues to increase must be monitored so that the public is not harmed because they believe in rumors and incorrect information that develops. This paper aims to capture the responses in the middle of COCID-19 situation by providing information and education through the use of digitalization technology can be very supportive during a pandemic situation. 

Methods: Information and education are provided directly and indirectly. Health workers directly carried out through "Sulianti Saroso Greet" to outpatients, inpatients and families. We also conducted routine education as well as socialization of health protocols including infection control to partners such as Security, Cleaning Service and Parking Officers. Meanwhile, indirectly has been done through telemedicine services, electronic media. Information and education services to families about the development of the patient's condition while in the isolation room through WhatsApp Chat, as well as through audio-visual media that are loaded into e-books, websites and social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube).  

Results: Based on the results of monitoring and evaluation carried out on information dissemination and education by the "Sulianti Saroso Greet’s" activities during January to May 2022, the outpatient customer satisfaction were 89.0% and 98.1% for inpatients. Meanwhile, the knowledge level of partners in January – May 2022 achieved the satisfactory level. It is very important for communicators to give attention and priority to the goal of behavior change as an essential key to reduce Covid-19 cases effectively and efficiently as a promotive and preventive effort.   

Conclusion: The methods that have been implemented for the provision of information and education by digitalization technology at Sulianti Saroso Infectious Disease Hospital as a good tools to help reducing and preventing the Covid-19 transmission.

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