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Research on child and adolescent health in Ibero-American countries during the COVID-19 pandemic

Published onJun 15, 2023
Research on child and adolescent health in Ibero-American countries during the COVID-19 pandemic

Introduction: COVID-19 has affected millions of people in the world. In Ibero-America, the pandemic had an impact, not only on the millions of deceased and infected, but also on a social and economic level. In its beginnings, this disease was a danger for older adults and people with comorbidities. However, the long confinement also affected families and mainly children and young people. Social health issues were relegated from research priorities. Knowledge assessment studies are a tool for analysis and establishment of research priorities. In this work, the investigations carried out during the first year of the epidemic, related to child and adolescent health in Ibero-America, were analyzed. Method: A search was carried out in the Scopus database where studies on children, adolescents and young people, not focused on the COVID-19 clinic, hospitalization or treatment carried out during 2020, were taken into account. Bibliometric indicators were applied to the results to analyze, countries of origin, collaboration, sources of publication and topics studied; for which a word co-occurrence analysis was performed. Results: 75 documents belonging to 13 Ibero-American countries were obtained: Brazil 27 (36.0%), Spain 26 (34.7%) and Portugal 11 (14.7%), were the most productive. 55 (73.3%) of the documents were published in collaboration; international collaboration 32 (58.2%), was superior. This collaboration was carried out with countries from the same area of study, as well as with 31 countries from other regions, among which the following stand out: United Kingdom 12 (16.0%), United States 10 (13.3%) and Italy 8 (10.7%). The most researched topics were those related to: social isolation, mental health, physical activity, preschool children, risk factors, health management and organization. Conclusions: Research related to child and adolescent health during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic focused mainly on issues of mental health, school health, and family vulnerability. The countries that published the most were Brazil, Spain and Portugal. Collaborative work was promoted, with a greater presence of international collaboration.

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